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Helping healthcare professionals ensure patient compliance.

The origins of innovative pain treatment.

The Bellacure OA treatment device started as a project for the elimination of noncompliance issues related to the wearing of external realignment frames. These issues came out of years of research and sales to physicians, physical therapists and orthotists. In addition, we gained large amounts of data from the most valuable source of all, patients. As a result, Bellacure treatment products are engineered and manufactured not only to bring pain relief to your patient, but also to be aesthetically appealing, lightweight and functional.

Comfort and compliance.

While some say patients will wear anything that relieves pain, our experience has shown that patients drift toward noncompliance when working with products that are bulky or heavy, or that do not conform to their limbs. Patient compliance increases with treatment options that not only relieve pain, but also are comfortable, lightweight, low-profile and visually appealing.

Using recent technologies in micromechanics, biomechanics and the technical garment industry, Bellacure has developed an OA treatment device that weighs just 15 ounces. Bioconforming materials give us the ability to match the individual contour of a patient’s limb, reducing the need for large bulky frames and providing unsurpassed comfort.

Restoring Lifestyle

Functional recovery, repeatable outcomes and the facilitation of active rehabilitation and pain relief are all required for a complete lifestyle restoration. Our OA treatment device is the first on the market to address all of these needs in one effective treatment. With Bellacure, the control to restore lifestyle is given back to the healthcare professional and patient. See how the device works.

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Features of the Bellacure OA treatment device:

Don. Dial. Lifestyle.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all a patient had to do to resume an active lifestyle was don a device and dial in pain relief? The Bellacure OA treatment device enables exactly that. Innovative technology allows patients to accurately reproduce the healthcare professional’s prescription for pain relief. This comfortable and discreet treatment encourages compliance and restores lifestyle. Call our sales office (800.795.2070) to receive our special healthcare professional information packet.