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Control your pain. Restore your lifestyle.

At Bellacure, our goal is to provide the arthritic pain relief you need in order to maintain or return to your previous lifestyle. We are meeting this goal by applying the latest technological innovations to the development of products that not only relieve pain but are also lightweight, easy to use and visually discreet.

New pain relief treatment for arthritic knee conditions.

Millions of people are suffering from a debilitating arthritic condition of the knee known as unicompartmental osteoarthritis (OA). This disorder usually starts with pain on one side of the knee or the other (typically the medial part of the knee; that is, the part nearest the other knee). This painful condition may be caused by several factors, including aging; trauma to the knee cartilage; cartilage degradation; damaged meniscus: and lack of blood flow to the cartilage. In some cases, progressive cartilage wear may be linked to genetic issues or other factors.

The greatest achievement is that the technology we’ve used is transparent to the patient. Because it is much less overt than anything else out there, people will feel more comfortable wearing it—without being self-conscious.

If you are suffering from nagging arthritic knee pain and have been diagnosed with an arthritic knee joint or osteochondral defect, unicompartmental osteoarthritis or post-operative pain from a tibial osteotomy, or if you need separation from a cartilage repair, the new Bellacure OA treatment device may be right for you.

Unlike other forms of treatment, the Bellacure OA device is noninvasive and safe, allowing you to experience pain relief without painkillers, surgery, large braces or injections. In fact, just the turn of a dial typically makes pain start to dissipate. See how the device works.

Features of the Bellacure OA treatment device:

New Patients

Choosing Bellacure

For a better understanding of your pain-treatment options, we encourage you to speak with your healthcare professional and explore the benefits of Bellacure products and services. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose your condition and help determine the right treatment for you. Some healthcare professionals may not be familiar with the Bellacure treatment device. Find out how Bellacure can help make sure they’re informed.

Our Commitment to You

We guarantee that if you are not experiencing less pain within one month of using Bellacure treatment products, we will refund the product cost to your provider. We ask only that you work with a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that we best facilitate your pain-relief efforts.