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Our treatment devices come with a guarantee that you will have less pain within one month of using them or we will refund the cost of the treatment device to your provider.

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Testimonials From Our Customers

Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery by Wearing the Bellacure OA

by Gage Johnson

Thanks for the prompt response. You're right, I've had the Bellacure for several years, and it continues to be a great help for me. I've got bone-on-bone arthritis on one side of the right knee, and my orthopedist felt I was going to need knee replacement several years ago. However, the Bellacure allows me at age 63 to continue playing basketball 2-3 times a week without any problems. It's definitely don the job for me. I only wish it were a bit easier to remove the hardware in order to wash the skin, but a small inconvenience more than offset by the advantage of the help it's given my knee.

Thanks again

3 Years Pain Free

by Richard

I have owned and used a Bellacure device for the past 3 years. I will say that this is a remarkable device and works incredibly well. I am a 58 year old male and I wear it when I snow ski. I have been skiing for over 50 years and would rate myself as an expert. I can ski a full day of high intensity skiing including steeps and moguls virtually pain free. I would happily recommend this device to any who suffer from knee pain.

This is a great product!

Restoring One's Lifestyle

by “Max” Maxene

I must say that you do live up to your marketing campaign of restoring one's lifestyle. Seven weeks ago Jason Young provided me with the Bellacure treatment device. I have used a Don Joy unloader device in the past, which as you well know is very large and not very user friendly for any activity, I found that I just did not use it. The Bellacure device is very user friendly, 1 am able to use the device for doing squats and lunges in weightlifting, whereas before this device I was unable to do these activities. I cannot wait to use this device skiing in the winter.

The Bellacure treatment device is incredibly easy to get into, set, and remove. Thank you for the opportunity to use this amazing device. I am a 52 year old sports medicine OR nurse who has had a high tibial osteotomy eleven years ago for total lateral compartment collapse following a motor vehicle accident in 1981. I do need to have a total knee replacement, but am very reluctant to undergo this operation until much later. I have found that this device allows me to do many activities without the swelling and dramatic increase in pain. I would be more than happy to assist you in promoting this fabulous device.


Best Buddies

by Carmen

I have an 11 year history of meniscus damage. Following arthroscopic repair, I recovered normally and resumed my lifestyle. After a few years, pain returned and a variety of treatments offered only short term relief or none at all. Arthritis had set in.

I am a physically active and determined senior woman. After seeing an orthopedic physician and having an MRI, he strongly suggested I consider using the Bellacure Treatment Device.

Wearing the device, especially when I'm working out at the gym has made all the difference in the world in my level of activity without pain. It has also allowed me to go for longer periods (days) without using the device, though as a prevention, I always wear it when engaged in physical activity and standing for a prolonged period.

Today, I completed The Race for The Cure celebrating over 18 years of my survivorship. I was wearing the device. I often tell people the device is my (best buddy). It has certainly given me back the lifestyle I choose and want to continue.


My Mother, Marie

by Charlene

My mother, Marie has found amazing relief and stability using the Bellacure! I witnessed an astounding difference in our 83 year old mother, who was previously in so much pain that she could not walk with stability and could not leave her home. WOW! Your representative came directly to the therapy location to fit the Bellacure for my Mom, and the small size is easy for her to manage and to wear beneath her clothing. She is now participating in her prescribed physical therapy sessions and my mother is especially grateful to her orthopedist who suggested that we try the Bellacure to help her regain mobility due to DJD and arthritis. This is a wonderful product! We both thank you! She is smiling again and looking forward to being able to return to the Senior Center activities that she loves so much and being able to travel once again!

80 Percent of Pain Gone? Ya, Right.

by Steve

My name is Steve. I'm 37 years old and have had 2 surgery's on my meniscus within a year. My surgeon suggested that I try your product since I had a bone on bone and arthritis problem. When I went to get fitted for the knee brace the guy told me that once I put the brace on, I would notice about 80 percent of the pain would be gone. Ya, right. I was thinking to myself that this is just one of those too good to be true stories just to say he had the best product around. When I went to pick up the brace, he had me walk half-way up a stair case without anything on my knee and then again with the Bellacure brace. I was really amazed at how fast it worked. He was right. I limped into the store and walked out normal again. I really couldn't believe how well this brace was working. I manage a movie theatre with 9 screens. My job involves going up stairs to the projection booth, going up the stairs in the stadium seating and walking constantly. Again, I just couldn't believe that this brace was the answer to my problem. Thank you so much for helping so many people like myself.

Your company and your employees must be able to sleep really well at night knowing that they are really helping people. Thank you for taking my pain away.

Easy to Wear Under Clothes and Comfortable to Boot

by Nancy

INCREDIBLE! The smaller size is a much better fit and I really appreciate it! Originally, your sales rep. Mark brought me the Large 3 after receiving my measurements, but we decided to go to an XL because I was tentative about pulling too hard to get it in place for fear I would ruin it. After getting comfortable with the product, I realized that you do not have to be so extremely gentle with it - and the XL would not stay in place unless I cranked it tightly to keep it up! This smaller one is wonderful - it fits snugly and I am able to actually DECIDE how tight I need it! If you ever need testimonials for your device, I am your gal. I can not say enough about the help it has provided. My pain level has decreased markedly, it is easy to wear under clothes and comfortable to boot. Thank you for your product - and also for sending out the smaller size�a huge difference again! I am looking forward to even less pain in the future since I am now able to control the amount of pressure I want to apply!


A Walk Through the Village of Bagnoregio

by Craig

Ten days before a long-planned and pre-paid Italy vacation with a group of friends, in the middle of an evening walk, my right knee was suddenly unable to support me. My wife had to walk home to get the car, which I had to crawl thirty feet to get into. Three days later Dr. Art Ting �scoped the knee, repairing torn medial and lateral meniscii and cleaning up some arthritis under the knee cap. After a week of rest, armed (or legged, if you wish) with a Bellacure, I boarded a plane for Rome.

A few days later we went out for the first test, a walk through the village of Bagnoregio to the steep uphill causeway that leads to Civita de Bagnoregio. Even the walk through the village is problematic because the streets and sidewalks are old and mainly from cobblestone. That makes for a constantly uneven surface underfoot and of course there�s no such thing as flat � so demanding on the knees that our friends all felt it in their �good� knees and ankles. The picture above was taken just before descending the hill that I walked up to visit the ancient village.

Later in the trip, legged with the Bellacure, I kept up with the rest of the party through the streets, hills, steps, and staircases of ancient Rome, the Coliseum, the Vatican and Pompeii.

I already had used a left leg unloader recommend by Dr. Ting while re-habbing my left knee (sleeved in the picture), so Bellacure braces have been doubly beneficial for me. I wore them under slacks, suit pants, jeans, and exercise clothes without fear of damage to my clothes, and of course they�re practically invisible. My experience then, reinforced a second time around, was that it�s an excellent brace, combining ease of wear, comfort, function, and value.

No Name

Bellacure in the Rainforest

by April

Here is a photo of me, in the rainforest, wearing the Bellacure OA knee treatment device. Honestly, the brace was incredibly therapeutic during my time in Panama. I recommend it to anyone who needs an off-loading OA brace for their knee.

Choosing Bellacure

For a better understanding of your pain-treatment options, we encourage you to speak with your healthcare professional and explore the benefits of Bellacure products and services. Only a healthcare professional can diagnose your condition and help determine the right treatment for you. Some healthcare professionals may not be familiar with the Bellacure treatment device. Find out how Bellacure can help make sure they�re informed.

Our Commitment to You

We guarantee that if you are not experiencing less pain within one month of using Bellacure treatment products, we will refund the product cost to your provider. We ask only that you work with a qualified healthcare professional to ensure that we best facilitate your pain-relief efforts.